Using a SIM Data Card To Stay Connected When Bicycling In France

We’re spoiled by how easy and affordable it is to communicate, text and tweet to family and friends, post to Facebook, get the latest news and restaurant recommendations and get directions when we get lost.  Until we go overseas.  Unless you have a European phone or SIM card, communication overseas can be difficult and very […]

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France Travel Tip: Understanding Chip Cards And Why Your Credit Card May Not Work

It’s 6:30 pm on a Sunday evening.  We’re driving on the A-7 in France direction Orange where we will begin our fall bicycling vacation to Mont Ventoux.  We’re almost out of gas. We stop at a large service station which was pretty deserted on this Sunday night.  We get some snacks and then pull up […]

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Provence’s Vaucluse Region Perfect For Year-Round Bicycling

The Vaucluse Region is one of my top 5 bicycling destinations for the summer, or anytime of year, perhaps except when the Mistral winds are blowing!  Whether you are a very experienced cyclist looking to challenge Mont Ventoux, a weekend cyclist not afraid of some minor hills, or a recreational cyclist interested in leisurely experiencing […]

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Bicycling For A Cause in France

By Maggie LaCoste I get a lot of interesting e-mails from people describing upcoming cycling trips to France, but none have made an impression like a recent note from Phill Eaglin.  Phill Eaglin is a resident of Harrogate England, and he is about to embark on one major adventure.  On May 18 he will begin […]

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Experience Paris to Mont Saint Michel By Bike On The Veloscenic

By Maggie LaCoste Whoever thought of creating a bicycling itinerary sandwiched between Paris and Mont Saint Michel was a genius!  The Veloscenic is one of the newest cycle routes in France, offering spectacular sightseeing across 4 regions including the Ile-de-France, Centre-Val de Loire, Pays de la Loire and Lower Normandy as well as 8 departments. […]

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Bike Rental Options for Summer Travel in France

I’m pretty picky about bikes that I rent when I travel.  Rightfully so.  If you’ve ever been stranded with a flat tire and a bad replacement inner tube in your rental-supplied repair kit, you know exactly what I mean!  As a result, I’m partial to bike rental companies that are owned and operated by bike […]

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