Month: September 2010


Panniers or No Panniers? BagTransfert Solves the Dilemma

I love biking in France more than anything. But I hate carrying panniers.  No matter how carefully I pack, I still have 20-30 pounds of “stuff” in my panniers!  Mind you, this has never kept me from taking a biking vacation, but it has made me envious of people taking tour-group trips.  One of the

Cycling in Burgundy: The Saturday Market in Beaune

If you’re traveling to Burgundy and are thinking about adding a few days of cycling to your itinerary, Beaune is the perfect town to begin your adventures. Less than two hours by train from Paris, Beaune is a perfect place to immerse yourself in Burgundian life. With only 22,000 residents, Beaune is much more manageable

Cycling in Burgundy: Wine Tasting in the Cote de Beaune

Bicycling along the Route des Grand Crus, past some of the most famous vineyards in the world can be quite challenging for wine-loving cyclists! Tasting opportunities are many, and the temptation to taste is overpowering.  But in the heat of the summer, there is only so much tasting one can do, and still manage to

Cycling France’s First Greenway in Burgundy

It’s hard to believe that my trip is almost over.  I have one more route to explore, the greenway from the lovely town of Chalon-sur-Saone to the gates of Macon. This greenway is quite special. It’s the first car-free cycle path in France.  Introduced in 1997, this greenway became the standard for other car-free cycle