Month: November 2010


Logis Hotels, Affordable Quality for Your Bike Trip to France

When I start narrowing down potential routes for an upcoming bicycling vacation in France, I start checking out lodging possibilities.  My first stop is the Logis Hotels website.  Founded in 1949, the Federation Internationale des Logis is Europe’s leading independently-owned hotel chain, with close to 3,000 hotels, most of which are in France.  Don’t be


Planning a Bike Trip to France

  Planning a bike trip to France for the first time can be a daunting experience.  I remember the first one I planned.  It was before e-mail and before most hotels had web pages, so all of my reservations for hotels was done via fax.  The only resources for hotels were travel books and a


Are Guided Bike Trips to France Worth It? A Look at the Alternatives

By Maggie LaCoste One of the first decisions to make when planning a bicycling vacation to France is whether you want a guided, self-guided or “on your own” trip.  The alternatives are as different as day and night, so you need to evaluate each, and determine which option gives you the features you are looking