Year: 2010


Are Guided Bike Trips to France Worth It? A Look at the Alternatives

By Maggie LaCoste One of the first decisions to make when planning a bicycling vacation to France is whether you want a guided, self-guided or “on your own” trip.  The alternatives are as different as day and night, so you need to evaluate each, and determine which option gives you the features you are looking


Progress Continues on Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean Bike Route

The exciting Swiss-French project to develop over 600 km of greenways connecting Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean continues to progress.  The ambitious project began in 2003 and involves a partnership of the Swiss and French governments, 12 Departments and over 350 local communities and a projected cost of over 20 million Euro.  “Via Rhone, Geneva

Canal du midi

10 Reasons To Bike in France

I often get asked why I only write about biking in France since I’ve cycled all around Europe.  Without question, there are other great places to bicycle, but France has the perfect combination of qualities that make it a perfect choice for a recreational cyclist.  Other countries have great food, wine and markets.  But France


Bicycling the Loire: Saint-Nazaire Bridge Now Safer for Cyclists

The Saint-Nazaire Bridge over the Loire, regarded as one of the most breath-taking but dangerous bridges in France for bicyclists, is now much safer due to major road improvements made over the summer.  Old cycle tracks were narrow, making it virtually impossible to ride or walk a bike with panniers across the bridge.  Trucks and


Panniers or No Panniers? BagTransfert Solves the Dilemma

I love biking in France more than anything. But I hate carrying panniers.  No matter how carefully I pack, I still have 20-30 pounds of “stuff” in my panniers!  Mind you, this has never kept me from taking a biking vacation, but it has made me envious of people taking tour-group trips.  One of the