Month: January 2011


Save Money and Worry, Rent A Bike in France

By Maggie LaCoste The last time my husband and I transported our bikes to Europe for a trip to the Bordeaux region, my husband’s bike arrived on the conveyor belt in about 20 pieces!   As we stood in the Bordeaux airport with a disassembled bike, darkness falling and a 25 mile ride to our


Your Bike Trip to France Doesn’t Need to Cost a Fortune

By Maggie LaCoste I’m not sure why anyone would spend $800 or more a day per person to ride a bike in France, or anywhere else!  Riding a bike is about as basic as it gets, other than walking, and France is one of the most bike-friendly countries in Europe to do it.  You don’t


The Insider’s Guide to Bicycling France for Less

By Maggie LaCoste Experience France by Bike is for people who want to bike in France without spending a fortune.  Whether you want to go it alone, take a self-guided or guided trip from a tour company, Experience France by Bike is your guide to doing it for less.  Recreational biking in France, or in