Month: February 2011

Bicycling in Puglia Italy in March?

I have a special birthday coming up next month, a perfect occasion to celebrate biking in Europe, but March is still too cold, windy and rainy in France.  Where could I go that would offer many of the same benefits as France, just warmer and hopefully drier?  Sicily was a possibility, but I wasn’t excited


“Rent A Bike in France” Prepares to Launch It’s New Service

By Maggie LaCoste A quick follow up to my two recent posts about renting bikes in France:  a new bike service, “Rent a Bike in France” is in the process of launching a service that will help you find bikes for hire anywhere in France.  Basically, the new company is an online agent, matching people


Save Money Bicycling in France: Food

By Maggie LaCoste French food is one of the best rewards of biking in France!  As a matter of fact, in my October post “Ten Best Reasons to Bike in France”, food was the #1 reason.  But one of the things that makes French food so attractive to me, and hopefully to you too, is that


Save Money and Worry, Rent a Bike in France, Part 2

By Maggie LaCoste A good shopper is an informed shopper, so it’s important to know what to look for in a rental bike in France.  As mentioned in my previous post, I prefer hybrid or all-terrain bikes, and find that they are more than worth the premium cost.  Most of the rental agencies in France