Month: March 2011

Cycling In Puglia, A Birthday Ride to the Sea

Today is my birthday and our last day of biking in Puglia.  We left our home for the last two nights, Masseria Il Frontoio in Ostuni and headed north toward Fasano, enroute to Polignano a Mare.  Our ride for the day was a mix of old agricultural roads through olive and nut tree orchards, vineyards

Cycling In Puglia, The White City of Ostuni

Another beautiful sunny day in Puglia!  Today will be an easy day, biking sans panniers to the gorgeous city of Ostuni.  Our path is on old agricultural roads through the heart of olive tree land, the hills to one side and the sea to the other. Bicycling is really Puglia at its best: gorgeous scenery,

Cycling in Sunny Puglia, Day 4

The sun has returned to Puglia!  But this post as well as the next 2 are delayed because we lost wi-fi here.  There are so many old, thick, stone dwellings in this part of Puglia that most people access the internet via hard wire, not good for updating posts with my i-phone!   After the

Biking in Puglia, Rain on Day 3

The day started perfect. We had a private tour of one of the best pasta factories in Puglia, Marelli Pasta. It was an incredible experience to see behind the scenes of such a prominent pasta company, the company that invented multiple-color pasta. It had rained early in the morning but seemed to be letting up

Cycling in Puglia, Day Two

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning in Matera;  no rain, despite the forecast.  Throughout town, the church bells ring out in a seemingly choreographed symphony. When I woke up in the morning, I quickly remembered how hard it was to get up and get ready to bike the first day of a trip.  Still tired from