Month: May 2011


Top Resources for Bicycling the Loire

If  you’ve read my Top 10 Reasons to Bike the Loire, I hope that you are interested to learn more about planning a trip there.  If so, this post will provide you with some of my favorite resources for planning a bike trip along the Loire.  To begin with, the Loire cycle path is one


Top 10 Reasons to Bicycle Along The Loire

By Maggie LaCoste Nothing you may have studied in history or read in tour books prepares you for the experience of biking along the Loire.  The region is at times a study in contrasts:  huge chateaux surrounded by farms and vineyards, opulence and quaintness, the peacefulness of the river and the fury of the river.


Adding a Weekend Bike Excursion to Your Trip to France

By Maggie LaCoste I receive a lot of mail from readers interested in cycling in France, but a little nervous about venturing into the countryside on a bike. If this is you, a weekend bike excursion is a great way to experience the unique adventure of traveling in France by bike. No matter what level