Month: August 2011


Taking the TGV from Charles de Gaulle Airport

By Maggie LaCoste Taking a TGV direct from Charles DeGaulle Airport to the starting point of your bicycling vacation is a perfect way to start your trip. It is so much easier than going into Paris that I often choose starting locations based on train availability direct from the airport.  Of course this doesn’t work


Planning Your Bike Trip to France

By Maggie LaCoste Sometimes when you are planning a trip, it’s the little things that get overlooked. On my way back home from my recent biking trip to the Loire, I made a list of things that I wished that someone had told me before I took one of my earlier bike trips. I’d like


Au Revoir to the Loire a Velo and Chateaux a Velo!

By Maggie LaCoste Ten days and 500 km went by much too fast!   These two bicycling itineraries are definitely among my favorites in France.  The bike paths are peaceful, safe and well-signposted, there are many attractions to see along the way, and in between the attractions, the scenery is gorgeous.  I think I enjoyed


Bicycling the Loire: On the Road to Orleans

By Maggie LaCoste Few names evoke more reverence in this part of France than Joan of Arc, and today we head east for Orleans, the last destination of our biking adventure on the Loire.  From the pleasant village of Montlivault to St-Dye-sur-Loire to the medieval gem of Beaugency, we bicycled up the Loire toward the town that


Bicycling the Loire: Chambord to Blois to Montlivault

By Maggie LaCoste Even though it was a dreary morning, Chambord totally glistened with the first morning light. We walked around the chateaux this morning before any tour groups arrived. I am still as amazed at Chambord as I was the first time I saw it. Love it or not, Chambord is one incredible place.  Spending the night here was