Month: September 2011

Cycling Brittany’s Ille-et-Rance Canal

I had a last minute opportunity to travel to France to visit some bike routes in Brittany and Burgundy, so I have lots of information and stories to share. Brittany, an area that I have never bicycled before was fantastic. We cycled over 150 km on and around the Ille-et-Rance canal from Rennes to St.


Not Up to Bicycling the Loire? Try the Loire by Donkey!

By Maggie LaCoste During our two week trip along the Loire this summer we saw some interesting bike configurations, and interesting packing jobs, but nothing prepared us for the sight of donkeys on the Loire! We saw families with the most inventive hookups for kids bikes:   We saw inventive carriers and packing jobs:  


A Bicyclist’s Worst Nightmare: Stairs at the End of the Day!

By Maggie LaCoste Most recreational cyclists  don’t spend six months getting ready for an overseas biking trip. Other than running and playing tennis, I really don’t do much if any bicycling before a trip, mainly because I won’t bike on our local streets and highways because they are not really that safe for cyclists.  So


Bicycling the Loire: Best Maps For Your Trip

By Maggie LaCoste If you are planning a bike trip to the Loire, or are thinking about planning a bike trip to the Loire, Cher or Indre Rivers, there are several maps that can help with your trip planning. The best overall trip planning map is available on request and it is free.  Called “La