Month: February 2012


The Atlantic Coast of France, My Destination for Spring 2012

By Maggie LaCoste This is my 100th post about biking in France, and I thought it was the perfect occasion to reveal the destination for my upcoming trip to France. Having spent the last two years exploring the Loire Valley, Burgundy, Brittany and the Dordogne, this spring I will finally journey back to the Atlantic


Cycling in France: 10 Key Phrases to Know

By Maggie LaCoste I’ve had some great comments to my post Cycling in France: When Trouble Strikes…. One of the best was from Frank Moritz, a Tour Leader with the Adventure Cycling Association. Frank recommended the European Cycling Lexion which is an extensive dictionary of cycling-related terminology translated into 27 different languages. There isn’t a


Bike Doctor App: The Next Best Thing To A Personal Bike Mechanic

By Maggie LaCoste For less than the cost of a Vente Starbucks Latte, you can download the i-Phone and Android app called Bike Doctor with tutorials covering a mix of basic bike repairs.  Many of the repairs in the app are beyond the needs of a recreational cyclist, but if you are in the middle of