Month: March 2012

Renting a Bike in Bordeaux France

I get a lot of e-mails regarding the best places to rent bikes in or near Bordeaux.  If you’re thinking about adding a weekend bike trip to a trip to Bordeaux, or if you are planning on biking part of La Velodyssee or the Atlantic Route, here are some suggestions for bike rentals.  These are


EuroVelo1 in France: La Velodyssee, Part II

The more I read about La Velodyssey, the more excited I get about biking the cycle path in less than 2 months! Like me, few cyclists will probably ride the entire 1,200 km route from Roscoff to the Spanish border. When planning a trip, not only do you have the main cycle route, but there


EuroVelo 1 in France: La Velodyssee, Part I

By Maggie LaCoste You can imagine how excited I was to learn that the grand opening of La Velodyssee route, the French portion of EuroVelo 1 will be in June. I will be spending almost 3 weeks in May riding this route, so I will experience this route right before its grand opening. EuroVelo 1


When Technology Goes Wrong

By Maggie LaCoste We’re all very spoiled by technology and how easy it makes our life.  It’s amazing how we can send things in cyberspace and instantly someone on the other side of the world can view it.  And when something goes wrong in cyberspace, it really disrupts the way we work and communicate.  I


EuroVelo, Veloroute and Voie Verte

By Maggie LaCoste EuroVelo, veloroute and voie verte–what they are, and what is the difference between them?  This is the number one question I get e-mails on, so I thought I would update and republish a post a wrote in 2011 describing each and what they offer recreational cyclists in France. EuroVelo is a project