Month: April 2012


Cycling in France: Road Bike or Hybrid?

By Maggie LaCoste What type of bike should you take/rent for a bicycling trip to France? The answer to this question depends on the type of trip that you have in mind. Will you be cycling mainly on primary and secondary roads or will you be traveling along canals, towpaths, voie verte and veloroute?  Is


Paris–Mont Saint-Michel Veloroute Update

If you are traveling to Paris this year and are looking for a memorable bike trip, look no further than the Paris-Mont Saint-Michel veloroute.  This national cycle route has been under development for more than 10 years, with developers taking great care to choose a route with  cultural and historical interest, routes with the most


Bicycling the Atlantic Coast of France: The Countdown Begins!

I cannot believe that it is just a month until I leave for my first French bicycling adventure of the year to La Velodyssee, the Atlantic Coast route. This is a route I have wanted to explore for the last two years, but I was never able to go there before the busy summer season.

E-Bike Use Exploding in Europe

The European continent loves e-bikes, and nothing could have added more excitement to this fast growing market than the recent entry of Specialized with their “Turbo” e-bike.  Specialized’s Turbo was introduced to rave reviews in Valencia Spain several weeks ago, called the most impressive e-bike ever made.  With it’s 5,499Euro price tag it won’t be