Month: July 2012


Paris-Mont St.Michel Route Gets New Name: La Veloscenie

By Maggie LaCoste If there are any more long-distance bike routes developed in France, I am definitely going to need to relocate so that I have more time to explore all of them!  This summer has already seen the grand opening of La Velodyssee, the Atlantic Coast route which I wrote about for 2 weeks

Cycling in Burgundy: Wine Events and Festivals

If you’re fortunate enough to be cycling in Burgundy during the summer or fall, make a point of checking to see if there are any festivals or wine events while you are there. If you’re cycling in the area, why not plan to visit a local wine festival? If you’ve never stumbled upon a festival


Cycling La Velodyssee: Likes, Dislikes and What I Would Do Differently

By Maggie LaCoste Looking back at my recent bicycling trip along the Atlantic Coast of France, the first word that comes to mind is adventure.  This is funny because that really wasn’t what I had in mind as I embarked on this trip!  This was my first trip to explore “La Velodyssee”, the French portion


La Velodyssee Website Debuts

By Maggie LaCoste The long-awaited new website for La Velodyssee, the French portion of EuroVelo 1 from Roscoff to the Spanish border has opened.  The new website has some great features including photos, a map with details on specific route stages, cyclist testimonials, photos, family route information and a still-to-be developed section, Accueil Velo, which