Month: September 2012

Cycling in France with Kids: 10 Tips for a Successful Trip

European parents seem to have a gene that enables them to plan and take perfect family bicycle trips.  Bike paths are full of young parents with one, two and even three kids under 10 in tow, some camping, some not, but all of them seemingly in a state of bliss at the wonder of exploring


Eurovelo 15, the Rhine Cycle Route debuts new website

By Maggie LaCoste “The Rhine combines every quality a river can exhibit. ┬áThe rapidity of the Rhone, the breadth of the Loire, the rocks of the Meuse, the sinuosity of the Seine, the translucency of the Somme, the historical reminiscences of the Tiber, the regal dignity of the Danube, the mysterious influence of the Nile,