Year: 2012


Favorite Rainy Day Photos

By Maggie LaCoste Rainy days are not too conducive to picture taking, but here are my favorite photos from today’s stage from Royan to Hourtin. The first was a photo of the sand dunes, the second is a photo of our unexpected mobile home lodging for the rainy night.


Cycling France’s Coast: Royan to Hourtin, 100% Rain Predicted

By Maggie LaCoste The weather has been front page news for the last three days. Two storm fronts, approaching. We are told there will be no chance to escape the more than 2 inches of rain that is predicted. But for the time being, it is just gray and dismal. We leave Vaux sur Mer,


Marennes to Royan: Favorite Photos

Rain may be in the future, but our ride this day was near perfection! Here are my favorite photos!


The Perfect Ride: Marennes to Royan

By Maggie LaCoste We sadly departed Marennes and headed south for Royan. Good news is that it was a beautiful, sunny day. The bad news is that our host Alexander informed us that two very serious storm fronts were approaching, and serious rain was predicted for the upcoming days. We took the news in stride,


Marennes, The City of the Oyster

By Maggie LaCoste The Marennes-Oleron region is a very unique area of France, and to experience it by bike is a very special experience. To begin with, the people are genuine, warm and welcoming. We were approached everywhere we went by locals asking where we came from, truly amazed that we would travel from the