Year: 2013

Planning A Cycling Trip To Provence

While many are dreaming of a white Christmas, a lot of cyclists are dreaming of a new adventure for 2014.  But planning a perfect bicycling trip can be time consuming and frustrating for the average recreational cyclist.  Up to date information on cycling routes can be difficult to find and plotting daily distances for a

Cycling In France: 10 Money Saving Tips

The Mistral winds and the cold have settled over France and only the most determined cyclists are out on the trails. For most of us, the time between Christmas shopping and holiday parties is the perfect time to start thinking about ideas for bicycling in France in 2014. During the next few months, I’ll be

Cycling In France: Best Photos of 2014

I have so many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving:  my family, my health, my friends, the opportunities I have to bicycle in France, finishing my first e-book, A Weekend Trip From Blois to Chambord, and last but not least, the ever growing number of great bike paths in France!  For the last week,


Garmin Edge Touring GPS Now Available!

Just in time for your Christmas list, the Garmin Edge Touring is now available in stores and online!  This new model from Garmin was designed to provide touring cyclists with the same peace of mind we get from the GPS in our cars, only with maps and features designed to help you find your way


Navigating Train Stations In France With A Bicycle+Panniers

Nothing can ruin a day for a bicyclist more than having to maneuver stairs at a rail station! Sometimes, no matter how well you plan a trip, you need to take a train to connect to another cycling itinerary, to avoid a bad part of a route or oftentimes to return a rental bike. Regardless