Month: January 2013


Where to Stay When Cycling in France

By Maggie LaCoste I spend a lot of time researching where to stay on my bicycling trips.  In response to a number of e-mails that I received on my Top Places to Stay for 2012 posts, I thought I would share a bit of how I go about making my selections. I spend more time

More Resources For Planning A Cycling Trip to France

Based on the e-mails received in the last week, it looks like the first list of travel resources was a hit, so here’s a few more for those traveling to other areas of France. Several of the new resources are for regions I’ve not written much about before. I hope they’ll encourage thoughts about travel

Resources To Help Plan Your Bike Trip to France

Cyclotourism is getting to be big business in Europe, worth somewhere around 45+ billion Euros per year to the European economy.  This is great for you and me because countries like France, (and Germany, Austria and Switzerland) want our business.  Their improving their marketing efforts and they are rapidly stepping up efforts to provide better


Experience France by Bike’s 2012 Top Places to Stay, Part II

By Maggie LaCoste Happy New Year!  Hope that 2013 is going to be a great year with exciting bicycling adventures in France or elsewhere!  Before I totally close my journals for 2012, I have the last part of my Top Places to Stay for the year to post.  When this is complete, I will look