Month: February 2013

My Favorite Loire River Cycling Itineraries, Part II

I hope that the first installment of this two part series has you seriously considering taking a trip on that part of the Loire this year. You may want to wait until you read this post. I’m not sure which of the two itineraries is my favorite. I love them both!  In a perfect world,

My Favorite Loire River Cycling Itineraries–Part I

My next two posts are dedicated to those of you who have written asking for itinerary suggestions for exploring the Loire by bike.  As many of you know, the Loire is one of my favorite itineraries in Europe.  The route has everything:  castles, abbeys, grand cathedrals, troglodyte dwellings, vineyards, fantastic markets, unbelievable food, and great,

Tour de France Cycling Holiday at BMC Test Center

The 100th Tour de France will once again climb the famous Mont-Ventoux on July 14.  In celebration of this special event, I’m thinking about cycling in the Luberon, sticking of course to much much more gentle terrain than the Tour!  Since I haven’t spent much time cycling in this area, I spent time this week