Month: March 2013

Strasbourg Developing Velostras Urban Bicycle Network

Following in the footsteps of other bike-friendly cities like Copenhagen and London, the City of Strasbourg has announced the development of a bike network that will link the suburbs to the central city. When completed, Velostras will provide a secure network enabling bicyclists to reach the city center from any part of Strasbourg in 30-40

Cycling St. Emilion, the Canal du Midi and Provence

After several months of not being able to decide where to bike this summer (yes, I have the same decision-making problems as you), I finally made a decision.  Sort of.  I’ve decided to divide my time exploring three different areas and I couldn’t be more excited! It took a bit of time to work out


Bicycling in France: It’s All About the Experience

By Maggie LaCoste When you’re planning a bicycling trip to France or anywhere else, how do you decide how many miles/kilometers to do each day? I’ve gotten a lot of e-mails regarding this question lately, so I know many of you must be busy planning trips.  The answer isn’t simple and may vary from trip


New EuroVelo Website Launched

By Maggie LaCoste Bicycling in Europe just keeps getting better and better!  The European Cyclists’ Federation has announced the debut of the new EuroVelo website, a long-awaited resource for the long distance European cycling network. As promised, the new website will be a great source of information for trip planning on the 14 EuroVelo routes.