Month: June 2013

First Impressions: Bicycling The Canal du Midi

We have finally found sun and warmth along the Canal du Midi! While the sun finally appeared in Saint-Emilion at sunset last night, there was no warmth.  But today’s a different story:  bright sunshine and warm temperatures. I’ve heard many complaints about the condition of the paths along the Canal du Midi, and I am


What To Do On A Rainy Day In Saint-Emilion

By Maggie LaCoste Day 4 of the rain. We decided to not let it deter us since we leave here for Languedoc tomorrow.  Don’t know if others would do the same, so am sending along some ideas of things to do on a rainy day(many of which I also did today)! 1. Linger at breakfast,


Adventures Bicycling in France

By Maggie LaCoste It’s never a good thing when you are awoken by terrible thunder the first morning of a bike trip, as was the case this morning. Bordeaux in June should be sunny and warm, just perfect weather for bicycling.  The last three days have been cold with showers and sideways rain.  People who


Tasting The Wines of France At Vinexpo in Bordeaux

By Maggie LaCoste When I discovered that my short stay in Bordeaux would coincide with Vinexpo, I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to attend and learn more about French wines for my new guidebook series.  Although the show is only open to wine trade professionals, I had the opportunity to attend

Luxury In A Bicycling Helmet?

I would have never used the words “luxury” and “bike helmet” in the same sentence until I made my latest purchase for my bicycling trip to France. I was in our local triathalon store with my daughter several weeks ago and I tried on a Rudy Project bike helmet.  As I snapped the chin strap,