Month: September 2013

Exploring Provence By Sun-e-Bike

I’ll never forget the first time I mentioned the idea of renting an electric bike for a couple of days in Provence to my husband. ¬†Interesting he responded, certainly something that might be good for me to write about, but definitely not something he envisioned doing himself. ¬†After all, he was a guy who did


New Garmin GPS Perfect for Touring Cyclists

Anyone out there with memories of standing at a fork in the road, in the middle of nowhere, in a foreign country, tired and hungry and trying to figure out how you ended up so lost?   Or what about trying to look at a map while simultaneously balancing your bike so the weight of

Cycling Mont Ventoux For The Rest Of Us

Mention the words “Mont Ventoux” and most people instantly think of the Tour de France and some of the most grueling physical dramas in cycling history. Mont Ventoux has been part of 15 Tour stages since 1951, and 9 stages have concluded at the summit. The “Beast of Provence” has made the region a magnet