Month: June 2014


Using Capitaine Train For Bike Reservations on the TGV

Based on all the e-mails that I received after this post a few weeks ago, I thought I’d follow up with more details on booking tickets for your bike on the TGV, using Capitaine Train. If your bike is stored in a bike bag and does not exceed 120 cm x 90 cm, it can


France Travel Tip: Understanding Chip Cards And Why Your Credit Card May Not Work

It’s 6:30 pm on a Sunday evening.  We’re driving on the A-7 in France direction Orange where we will begin our fall bicycling vacation to Mont Ventoux.  We’re almost out of gas. We stop at a large service station which was pretty deserted on this Sunday night.  We get some snacks and then pull up

Provence’s Vaucluse Region Perfect For Year-Round Cycling

The Vaucluse Region is one of my top 5 bicycling destinations for the summer, or anytime of year, perhaps except when the Mistral winds are blowing!  Whether you are a very experienced cyclist looking to challenge Mont Ventoux, a weekend cyclist not afraid of some minor hills, or a recreational cyclist interested in leisurely experiencing