Year: 2015

Cycling Les Chateaux a Velo

Les Chateaux a Velo is one of the best kept secrets in the Loire Valley and it’s one of my favorite areas in France to explore by bike. There’s never enough time to bicycle along the Loire, which is probably one of the reasons why so few people explore the itineraries of Les Chateaux a

Luggage Transfer A Great Cycling Indulgence!

No matter how much you love bicycling in Europe, you’re probably not a big fan of carrying all your clothes in panniers.  But for cyclotourists, panniers are a necessary evil, a small price to pay for complete independence on the road.  Despite how carefully I choose every piece of clothing and technology that I pack,

Planning A Cycling Trip To France: 10 Questions To Ask

Planning a perfect cycling vacation to France can be daunting, especially for first-timers. But by answering a few questions early in the trip planning process, you can insure you’ll choose an itinerary that’s suited to your ability, interests and vacation goals. The following are 10 questions that should get you on the path to choosing

Reflections On Cycling In Alsace, The Mosel and The Rhine

It’s hard to find superlatives strong enough to describe my last bicycling trip to Alsace, into Germany along the Mosel and back to France along the Romantic Rhine.  Any one of these three trip segments would provide a vacation full of incredible memories, the three together are a bicyclist’s trifecta!  For 3 weeks, I enjoyed

The Simplicity Of Experiencing Europe By Bike

It’s just a couple of days since I returned home from my whirlwind trip to explore bicycle routes in Alsace France and then crossing over into Germany to explore the Mosel and Rhine Rivers.  To say that this was an extraordinary trip is an understatement.  It was amazing in so many ways: 3 weeks with