Best French Cycling Itineraries Guidebook Series Debuts

“A Weekend Trip From Blois to Chambord”, Volume 1 of my new guidebook series on the best cycling itineraries in France is finally finished. I was sitting at dinner on Friday night when a friend called to tell me that they found it on Amazon. I immediately got up from the table to go outside and see if I could find it on my phone.  To my amazement I did.  What a terrific feeling after all the trials and tribulations of the last several months. Despite the challenges, I had some great guidance from some terrific friends the first guidebook is a result of their help.

For my first guidebook, I chose one of my favorite bicycling itineraries in France:  a weekend trip from Blois to Chambord.  This choice really didn’t have anything to do with liking or disliking Chambord, but rather with the magic I experience every time I take this ride. To me, it is a journey back into history, and an adventure that is perfectly suited  to experiencing by bike. The itinerary is perfect for all ages, families included, as well as all levels of cyclists. It is the perfect add on to a vacation in Paris, Bordeaux or the Loire with easy train access from most major towns in France.

This new guidebook provides all the resources that you need to plan a weekend bicycling trip to Chambord for less than the cost of a Michelin map!  You’ll learn how to plan a bicycling adventure like an insider, without breaking the bank, and without needing an expensive tour operator. From information on the best resources and maps for planning your trip to recommendations on places to stay, attractions to see and just the right amount of history to enrich your experience, this guide will help save you time and money, as well as plan a great weekend adventure.

Volume 1 of the new series is currently available at Amazon and Smashwords.  In early July, it will be available in a PDF version on this website.  As soon as I return from my upcoming trip to France, I will begin working on upcoming guidebooks including my favorite itineraries along the Loire, and a weekend bicycling through the vineyards of the Cote du Beaune.  I’m anxious to hear how you like the new series, and I hope you will send me your comments as well as areas you would like more information.

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