Bicycling EuroVelo 6 In The Doubs Valley: Where To Stay?

I love the Doubs Valley section of EuroVelo 6 in France so much that I’m returning to this year to do additional research for a new e-guide on the area. Based on recent e-mails, it looks like many of you will also be venturing to this part of EuroVelo 6 too. If so, there’s an important piece of advice I’d like to pass on to you: make sure you plan ahead on where to stay, particularly between Besancon and Montbeliard.

Seven stages of EuroVelo 6 pass through the Doubs Valley in Bourgogne Franche-Comte.  For almost 160km, cyclists are treated to spectacular scenery from the beautiful towns of Dole to Montbeliard with the amazing town of Besancon in the middle. While there are plenty of places to stay in each of these larger towns, it’s between them where there’s a bit of a problem, a small price to pay for enjoying some of the most spectacular scenery along EuroVelo 6!

The beautiful village of Deluz in the Doubs Valley

The distance from Besancon to Montbeliard is just under 100km, a bit too far to cycle in one day. When I planned my first trip to the area last year, I didn’t make many advance reservations. I learned this was a big mistake in this area.  Even though no lodging options showed up on the EV6 pictogram of the Doubs Valley, or on Google Maps, I thought this was a mistake. But I learned there really are just few places to stay on this section of the route, especially between Baume-les-Dames and Montbeliard. And these options are small with less than a handful of rooms all together!

If you’re planning a bicycling trip along EuroVelo 6 from Montbeliard to Besancon, and you’d like to stay overnight somewhere between the 2, here are some suggestions of places on/near the cycle route. Most are small B&B’s or gites with only a couple of rooms, so be sure to make your plans early, especially if you’re visiting during the busy summer months!

La Maison au Canal is a perfect options for cyclists traveling along EuroVelo 6.  It’s perfectly located along the bike route in the small village of L’Isle-sur-la-Doubs.

I came upon it last summer quite by accident, and I was thrilled there was a room available, otherwise I would have had to cycle another 26km on a very hot day!  La Maison Au Canal is owned by Anne-Marie and Helmut Schmidt, two of the nicest, friendliest people you’ll ever meet. They make an overnight stay here something to be remembered!  There are 4 rooms, 2 of which have a shower and sink in the room, but share a toilet down the hall. Rooms here are a bit old-fashioned, but are clean and cozy and breakfast is included.  You can contact Anne-Marie at:

La Bonne Auberge is located in the small (population 1100) village of Clerval, between the towns of Baumes-les-Dames and L’Isle-sur-le-Doubs.  It’s located near a bridge where the bike path switches to the other side of the river, so it’s quite convenient.  The auberge has 6 rooms with prices starting around 80€ for 2, not including breakfast. Rooms have been recently renovated and there is a restaurant located at the auberge. The restaurant is open for dinner Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday lunch only.  If you stay here, note that check-in time is not until 5pm.  For more information, contact

Auberge Chez Soi is located in the small village of Ougney-Douvot about 30km from Besancon and 9km from Baume-le-Dames. This auberge is a former 18th century vineyard that’s been lovingly restored by Dirk and Nicole Vercammen-Van Wezer.  There are 5 rooms and a gite with rates for 2 people 78€. It’s possible to arrange for dinner at Chez Soi on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 23€ per person, reservations are required.  If you’re there on another night, the closest restaurant is 1.5km from the Auberge. Chez Soi is located on the other side of the river from the bike path, but it’s easy to cycle across the D277 bridge to access the auberge.  For more information contact Dirk or Nicole at

La Colline aux Yeux is located on a hill overlooking the lovely town of Baumes-les-Dames.  With a population of over 5,000, Baumes-les-Dames offers more options to cyclists than any other town between here and Montbeliard.  La Colline aux Yeux has a terrace and pool, definitely a plus if you are traveling in the summer months! This B&B has 3 rooms that run from 89€ for 2 persons.  Note that check-in time is 5:00. For further information e-mail:


Chateau D’As, part of Logis France, sits on a hill overlooking the town and abbey of Baumes-les-Dames. This beautiful chateau is the home of the Cachot family and is definitely a place you could enjoy relaxing for several days, cycling and hiking the region. In addition to 7 rooms, this 1930’s style manor house has a restaurant and there’s also a sauna available for guests to rent.  The hotel is closed from Sunday night to Tuesday at 5:00.  Rooms start at 85€ for 2 people, breakfast is 12€. Half board is available with a 2 night minimum from 93€ per person. For further information, contact

Chambres d’hôtes Bered Vuillemin is located about 1.5km outside of Baumes-les-Dames in the village of Saint Gorgon Main. This gorgeous renovated farmhouse has 4 rooms priced from 70€/night for 2 people. There is also a gite available for rent, perfect for a group or family traveling together.  This lodging option is very popular, so inquire early if you are interested.  Because it’s located out of the town, dinner options without a car are limited, but the grounds are perfect for a candlelight picnic dinner!  For further information, contact:

There may be options near the bike path that I’ve not included, but I hope that those included will be of some help to you in your trip planning. Who knows, we may end up seeing each other at one of them this summer!  In the meantime, here’s one more photo that capture just a bit of the beauty of the Doubs Valley.

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    1. Greetings Kevin!

      It’s been a long time, hope all is well with you! The Doubs Valley was definitely the surprise of my bicycling trip across France last summer! I just fell in love with the area, the history, the people and how much they love cycling and bicyclists! Oh yes, and also the incredible food! So I’ll go back, do some more research and write an e-guide about the area. Perhaps I’ll be able to entice you to plan a trip there in the future!


    1. Hi There!

      Poland sounds like an incredible adventure! I cannot wait to follow your journey. In the event you can plan your itinerary through the Doubs Valley, I’d highly recommend it. Truly one of my biggest surprises in a long time. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help. Be sure to let me know the address to follow your cycling trip in June!

      Have fun planning!


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