Bicycling the Loire: A Perfect Breakfast in Chinon

By Maggie LaCoste

The Hotel Diderot in Chinon is not only a charming hotel in a beautiful town, they serve one of the best breakfasts in the Loire region! The hotel makes 65 jams and usually about half of these are available for breakfast each morning. I had read about their jams, but somehow reading does them very little justice! My breakfast there was a special treat that I savored and will always remember! Peach and melon, apricot and black currant, apple and three flower, rhubarb and banana are just a few of the many flavors. The rule is that if you don’t have the flavor you want at your table, you simply “borrow” it from another!

Front Entrance at Hotel Diderot in Chinon

Jam is a serious business for the hotel, they produce over 2,000 pounds annually! Overseen by Laurent and his sisters Glyn and Jane, the hotel is known throughout the region and France for their jams.

Jam Cupboard at Hotel Diderot

Laurent promised me the their book, “L’Amoire a Confitures” or in English, “Jam in the Cupboard” will teach anyone to make perfect jams! When I return home from my trip, this will be one of the first things I try! But don’t take my word for it, get busy planning your own Slow Travel Adventure to the Loire and visit the Hotel Diderot yourself! More on my adventures tomorrow!

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