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Biking in Puglia, Rain on Day 3

The day started perfect. We had a private tour of one of the best pasta factories in Puglia, Marelli Pasta. It was an incredible experience to see behind the scenes of such a prominent pasta company, the company that invented multiple-color pasta. It had rained early in the morning but seemed to be letting up

Cycling in Puglia, Day Two

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning in Matera;  no rain, despite the forecast.  Throughout town, the church bells ring out in a seemingly choreographed symphony. When I woke up in the morning, I quickly remembered how hard it was to get up and get ready to bike the first day of a trip.  Still tired from

Cycling in Puglia, Day One

Nothing  prepares you for the sight of the sassi in Matera.  Just over the border from Puglia, Matera is a one of a kind village, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and one attraction that I just couldn’t miss on this trip.  Matera has been inhabited since the Prehistoric Age and it was used as a

Cycling in Puglia for My Birthday

Tomorrow is the day I leave for Puglia!  It has really been a long time since I have bicycled anywhere in Europe other than France, so I’m really excited.  In case you missed an earlier post, I have a special birthday next week, and I wanted to spend it cycling, but it’s way too cold,

Bicycling in Puglia Italy in March?

I have a special birthday coming up next month, a perfect occasion to celebrate biking in Europe, but March is still too cold, windy and rainy in France.  Where could I go that would offer many of the same benefits as France, just warmer and hopefully drier?  Sicily was a possibility, but I wasn’t excited