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Burgundy By Bike

I love cycling in Burgundy, and I can’t think of a better place to start my new series on routes to consider this year than Burgundy. Burgundy is a paradise for lovers of the outdoors, wine, wonderful food, history and most important, bicyclists!  Burgundy boasts over 1,000 kilometers of safe and signposted cycle and greenways.

Cycling The Burgundy Canal for 100€ A Day

If you’re looking for the perfect deviation for an upcoming trip to Paris, look no further than Burgundy, specifically the Burgundy Canal.  One of my favorite starting points along the canal is Montbard, just over 1 hour, but light years from busy Paris.  Just a few steps from the train station you can rent a

Cycling in Burgundy: Wine Events and Festivals

If you’re fortunate enough to be cycling in Burgundy during the summer or fall, make a point of checking to see if there are any festivals or wine events while you are there. If you’re cycling in the area, why not plan to visit a local wine festival? If you’ve never stumbled upon a festival

Top Reasons to Bike the Burgundy Canal This Summer

If you’re looking for a cycling adventure that will take you directly to the heart of historical France, look no further than the Burgundy Canal.  Construction on the Burgundy Canal, begun during the reign of Louis XVI, taking 67 years to complete. The canal provided a navigable route to connect northern and southern France, and