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Luggage Transfer A Great Cycling Indulgence!

No matter how much you love bicycling in Europe, you’re probably not a big fan of carrying all your clothes in panniers.  But for cyclotourists, panniers are a necessary evil, a small price to pay for complete independence on the road.  Despite how carefully I choose every piece of clothing and technology that I pack,

Cycling The Burgundy Canal for 100€ A Day

If you’re looking for the perfect deviation for an upcoming trip to Paris, look no further than Burgundy, specifically the Burgundy Canal.  One of my favorite starting points along the canal is Montbard, just over 1 hour, but light years from busy Paris.  Just a few steps from the train station you can rent a

Best Itinerary for Bicycling in France in 2013?

The only thing that is better to me than being in France is planning a trip to France. That’s why October is one of my favorite months, as it’s when I start researching where I will bike in the upcoming year.  Unlike last year when I knew that I wanted to explore the Atlantic Coast

Top Reasons to Bike the Burgundy Canal This Summer

If you’re looking for a cycling adventure that will take you directly to the heart of historical France, look no further than the Burgundy Canal.  Construction on the Burgundy Canal, begun during the reign of Louis XVI, taking 67 years to complete. The canal provided a navigable route to connect northern and southern France, and

Cycling in Burgundy: The Saturday Market in Beaune

If you’re traveling to Burgundy and are thinking about adding a few days of cycling to your itinerary, Beaune is the perfect town to begin your adventures. Less than two hours by train from Paris, Beaune is a perfect place to immerse yourself in Burgundian life. With only 22,000 residents, Beaune is much more manageable