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Bicycling in Brittany: Cancale Is A Feast For The Eyes And Palate!

Cancale has been the surprise of my bicycling trip in Northern France.  I knew that the D-Day Beaches and historical sights would be amazing, and of course, there was no question about the beauty of Mont Saint Michel. But I didn’t really have any expectation of Cancale, other than I hoped to eat some great

Cycling To Mont Saint Michel An Unbelievable Experience!

Today was a perfect day bicycling in France, a day so perfect that even the afternoon rain didn’t spoil it.  First of all, I was awaken this morning by the sound of the Wednesday market setting up outside my window. How perfect is that?  I started snapping photos early!  Here is the first one I

Cycling To Mont Saint Michel, First Views

For as difficult as the cycling has been over the last couple of days, today was a day that makes all the effort worthwhile: the first views of Mont Saint Michel from the bike path! We literally skirted the rain all day, totally enjoying the gorgeous bike route from Ducey to Pontorson, my choice of

A Cycling Adventure in Normandy Evolves

My trip is proving to be more of an adventure than I ever imagined! Since we left Utah Beach and headed south, each day has been full of adventure and challenge. For three nights we haven’t arrived at our destination until after 6:30, with barely enough energy left to stretch, shower and have dinner before

Cycling in Normandy, Day 1, Spectacular!

It’s hard to know where to begin with my experience today, other than to say that I’ve never really had a day like this. I can hardly keep my eyes open, but I just had to share a few thoughts, and photos before I drift off. I love history, and France is full of it,