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Discovering History and New Friends in Rochefort

By Maggie LaCoste We are only several days into this bike journey, and we have already experienced many new adventures, and made many new friendships. After our unusually frustrating day of cycling, nothing could have prepared me for our experience at the Hotel Roca-Fortis in Rochefort. I was disappointed because the small well-reviewed gite in


La Rochelle to Rochefort, Favorite Photo

History and sailing in La Rochelle, captured in one photo!


Cycling La Velodyssee: La Rochelle to Rochefort

By Maggie LaCoste The early morning ride back to La Rochelle across the Ile De Re bridge was really quite a way to get your heart pumping. There was a 20-30 mph crosswind that made keeping the bike steady a bit of a challenge. The good news for me was that I was so intent


Cycling France’s Atlantic Coast: Photo of the Day

A reflection back at the ride across the Ile de Re bridge:


Cycling France’s La Velodyssee: The Magical Ile de Re

The bike ride over the bridge was a bit terrifying, but everything else about the Ile de Re was totally magical: as quaint, charming and non-commercial as I remember it 20 years ago. The Ile de Re is one of the most popular places that the French come to just relax and spend time with