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The Atlantic Coast of France, My Destination for Spring 2012

By Maggie LaCoste This is my 100th post about biking in France, and I thought it was the perfect occasion to reveal the destination for my upcoming trip to France. Having spent the last two years exploring the Loire Valley, Burgundy, Brittany and the Dordogne, this spring I will finally journey back to the Atlantic

Best Cycle Paths Near Bordeaux

If you’re planning a trip to Bordeaux, consider adding a weekend of cycling to your itinerary.  You won’t be sorry!  Bordeaux is an extremely bike-friendly city, which is quite understandable since it’s the gateway to the unbelievable Atlantic Veloroute, La Velodyssee! There are many itineraries you can ride right from Bordeaux or others you can

Best Resources for Cycling the Atlantic Coast of France

Hopefully I’ve piqued your interest in considering the Atlantic Coast of France for a future bicycling adventure–for a day, a weekend, a week, or even longer.  If so, you’ll want quick and easy access to the best resources to help with your trip research and planning.  One of the hardest decisions you’ll have in planning

Top Reasons to Cycle the Atlantic Coast of France

The Cote d’ Argent or Atlantic Coast of France is the ultimate playground for the recreational cyclist.  Many consider the Atlantic Coast as France’s number one bicycling destination, especially during the summer months.  Whether you are interested in a long-distance journey or a day or weekend trip, whether you are biking alone, with a friend,


Biking in France: The Atlantic Route

It is so cold here I can’t believe it.  The thought of getting on a bike makes me shiver.  But it’s December and it’s time to start planning my bike trip to France for next summer.  As excited as I always am about the planning process, I find it really difficult to narrow the choices