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Cycling in France: Road Bike or Hybrid?

By Maggie LaCoste What type of bike should you take/rent for a bicycling trip to France? The answer to this question depends on the type of trip that you have in mind. Will you be cycling mainly on primary and secondary roads or will you be traveling along canals, towpaths, voie verte and veloroute?  Is


When Technology Goes Wrong

By Maggie LaCoste We’re all very spoiled by technology and how easy it makes our life.  It’s amazing how we can send things in cyberspace and instantly someone on the other side of the world can view it.  And when something goes wrong in cyberspace, it really disrupts the way we work and communicate.  I


Rent A Bike in France Website Up and Running

By Maggie LaCoste Geoffroy Muller reports that the new bike rental website, Rent a Bike in France is now up and running.  After only a few short weeks, the new website, which will match inquiries for bike rentals in France with professional bike shops in France has over 200 partners registered with the program.  By


“Rent A Bike in France” Prepares to Launch It’s New Service

By Maggie LaCoste A quick follow up to my two recent posts about renting bikes in France:  a new bike service, “Rent a Bike in France” is in the process of launching a service that will help you find bikes for hire anywhere in France.  Basically, the new company is an online agent, matching people


Save Money and Worry, Rent a Bike in France, Part 2

By Maggie LaCoste A good shopper is an informed shopper, so it’s important to know what to look for in a rental bike in France.  As mentioned in my previous post, I prefer hybrid or all-terrain bikes, and find that they are more than worth the premium cost.  Most of the rental agencies in France