Cycling In France 2022?

Vineyards above the ViaRhona

Will 2022 finally be the year when Covid no longer dominates the news and we can dust off bicycle trip plans that were shelved several years ago?  After 2 years of no overseas travel and a virus that doesn’t want to go away, would it be premature to start thinking about where I’d want to bicycle if I was able to?

As of right now, the best we can respond to either question is a hopeful maybe.  One week into the new year, there isn’t much positive news regarding the pandemic and international travel.  But then, positive news doesn’t attract viewers to the nightly news so that’s something to keep in perspective.  Rather than waiting for positive news, I’m choosing to go into planning mode, exploring new route options and how to insure a successful post-covid cycling trip.

Needless to say, no one can predict when the cycle of covid outbreaks around the world will end.  But the pandemic will be controlled and international travel will resume, perhaps not as quickly as we’d like, but it will resume.  So why not use the upcoming months to learn about France’s many new/expanded cycle paths, how you can plan a successful post-pandemic cycling vacation and where to find the best resources for a trip. Stay tuned for future posts that are perfect for day-dreaming, strategizing different options or planning the perfect post pandemic cycling vacation.

Here’s to staying healthy and thinking positive about cycling in 2022 and beyond!


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