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Cycling in and around Paris isn’t how I want to experience France by bike, but, judging from your e-mails, it’s something that many of you are interested in.  So if you find yourself looking for directions on how to travel in or out of Paris by bike, look no further than the website of David “Q” May. If you’re hoping to successfully navigate your way in or out of Paris by bike, make this your first planning stop!

Whether you want to bike from central Paris out of the city, to the airport, or simply take a day trip out of the city, David probably has an itinerary that will work for you.  Follow this link for 7 itineraries out of Paris, as well as links to Charles de Gaulle Airport and Orly.  I think you’ll find the detail of directions on this website to be amazing!

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Here’s the quick link for getting from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Paris or Paris to Charles de Gaulle:

Another popular itinerary is the route along the Seine to Fontainebleau:

The detailed instructions are complete with photos to keep you on track:

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Here’s another often requested route, along the Coulee Verte:, guided along the way with in-depth directions and photos to keep you on the right path.

The website also has a helpful resources link:

If you’re planning a trip to Paris and you need directions to find your way through the city by bike, make sure you bookmark this website before you leave…better yet, print out the directions for those itineraries you may need.  Thanks David for this wonderful resource for cyclists needing to navigate in and around Paris!

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