Cycling In Puglia, The White City of Ostuni

Another beautiful sunny day in Puglia!  Today will be an easy day, biking sans panniers to the gorgeous city of Ostuni.  Our path is on old agricultural roads through the heart of olive tree land, the hills to one side and the sea to the other.

View along the road to Ostuni

Bicycling is really Puglia at its best: gorgeous scenery, olive trees, the sea and one of the most beautiful hill towns in southern Italy.  Ostuni is a sight to behold: white-washed houses and small shaded alleyways terraced up the side of a hill. Its history goes back to Paleolithic times when the Neanderthals sought shelter in the area’s many caves.  The 25,000 year old skeleton of a 20 year old pregnant woman discovered in the area is displayed in a local church.  It is very easy to imagine life in the past in this city which is full of history.  This city is just gorgeous, definitely a favorite of mine!

View of the sea from Ostuni

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