Cycling To Mont Saint Michel, First Views

For as difficult as the cycling has been over the last couple of days, today was a day that makes all the effort worthwhile: the first views of Mont Saint Michel from the bike path!

We literally skirted the rain all day, totally enjoying the gorgeous bike route from Ducey to Pontorson, my choice of where to stay near Mont Saint Michel. With the rain clouds following us closely, we kept up a good pace, hoping to not have this perfect day ruined by the rain. As we were cycling down a quiet stretch of road, off to the left, almost totally shrouded by fog was our first sight of the famous Mont. At this point we were over 20 km away. Were it not for the great zoom lense on my camera, you probably wouldn’t see it in a photo, but here is my first photo:

Over the next two hours, Mont Saint Michel peeked in and out of our vision as the bike path meandered throughout the countryside. To say that the scenery along this part of the bike path is spectacular is an understatement. I imagined what it must have been like for people on pilgrimage to have this experience after walking for hundreds of miles to visit Mont Saint Michel. I will never know their feelings, but I can tell you that it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience it by bike. The closer we got to the incredible abbey, the more unbelievable it became, almost surreal.

Finally, as we neared 10 km away, the sun came out for the first time since we left Ducey. The haze lifted over Mont Saint Michel, the sun reflecting off the imposing structure. I was awestruck. And to think that I am still 10 km away!

Here is the last photo that I took today, at about 6 km away:

Tomorrow we will bicycle along the greenway from Pontorson to Mont Saint Michel. I cannot wait to learn more about the reclamation project for the Bay, and to walk across the new pedestrian pathway, just recently opened. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to experience approaching this remarkable monument by bike, and I’m very thankful to the Departments and Regions in France that have worked so hard to develop such great bicycle paths to make it possible.

2 thoughts on “Cycling To Mont Saint Michel, First Views”

  1. Stunning view! I love the Mont Saint Michel, though I think it’s best to avoid it in August. I didn’t know there was a bike path. We’ll have to go there sometime (wearing my Experience France by Bike cap, of course).

    1. Hi There!

      Definitely you are fit on optimally wanting to avoid any major French attraction in August, but sometimes vacation schedules don’t cooperate! With that said, the Pontorson greenway is the only way that I would ever want to travel to Mont Saint Michel! and Inwould put the bike ride from Pontorson to Cancale close behind as a second area favorite. Despite all the challenges we had on this trip, these two rides made the trip totally worthwhile! I would highly recommend both! I will be following up with more detailed suggestions when I return home.

      Thanks so much for following my trip and adventures!

      Maggie Lacoste

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