Experience France By Bike Ventures Into Germany

After almost 6 years of writing about bicycling in France, it was inevitable that I would eventually venture outside of my long-time favorite.  This year’s trip, which started out in the Alsace Region was the perfect time to cross over into Germany to bicycle two very popular cycle paths, The Moselle(in France)Mosel(in Germany) and the Romantic Rhine.  I will spend a week on each and I cannot wait!

I know that I will love every minute I spend exploring cycle paths in Germany, but I suspect that I will miss those very special things that have always made cycling in France so special to me!  For now, I’m looking forward to writing about my new adventures in Germany!

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4 thoughts on “Experience France By Bike Ventures Into Germany”

  1. I look forward to your updates, Maggie. You’ll be just a couple weeks ahead of me on the Moselle and Rhine. So it’ll be nice to see your progress and read your tips & suggestions. Let’s hope we both have good weather.

    1. We arrived 12 days ago, it was 75-80 degrees. Then it dropped 20 degrees. Dodged rain for a couple of days, now the temperature is climbing a bit warmer. Very lucky in the weather department, hope you will be also. Alsace and the Mosel have been spectacular. The Rhine has a hard act to follow. Sorry i didn’t have a chance to learn more about your trip before I left. I was a bit overwhelmed trying to get Book II out. Hope you have a great time…are you going solo or are you taking a tour?

      Maggie LaCoste
      Experience France By Bike

        1. What an incredible opportunity!i hope you write a journal, and please copy me if you do. Our days have been long this trip, so I have found writing every day to be challenging. Am sending many more Tweets this trip. The Internet service has been spotty at best, spend an hour writing a post, only to lose the Internet and the post!
          When you are on the Mosel, check our the Moselsteig, can’t wIt to come back and hike it some day!

          Will you be alone?

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