Garmin Edge Touring GPS Now Available!

Just in time for your Christmas list, the Garmin Edge Touring is now available in stores and online!  This new model from Garmin was designed to provide touring cyclists with the same peace of mind we get from the GPS in our cars, only with maps and features designed to help you find your way by bike.

Garmin Edge Touring
Garmin Edge Touring

I just got mine in the mail this week and I haven’t had a chance to play around with it yet. I’m hoping it will be as easy to use as the GPS in my car and not something I’ll need to go to school online to learn to use!  I can’t wait to see how it will change bicycle touring in new areas overseas.  For those of you who are not familiar with the features of the new Garmin Edge Touring, here is a link to a post I wrote on it several months ago:

For those of you interested in seeing how it actually works, click here to watch the one of the Garmin Edge Touring promotional videos, and click here to watch another.

One of the interesting features of the Garmin Edge Touring is that it records where you ride so you can upload your activities to Garmin Connect or Garmin Adventures, enabling you to share your cycling adventures with your family and friends, or in my case, with all of my readers.  Only time will tell how well I master this feature.  I am thinking positively!   I’ve visited the Garmin Adventures and Garmin Base Camp websites and I can’t say that either of them are the most user friendly interfaces.  I will let you know how my learning curve goes.

In case you are thinking about asking for this new Garmin for Christmas, the price of the basic model is $249.00, and the price of the Edge Touring Plus which has all the features of the basic plus is compatible with the optional heart rate monitor is $299.99.  I hope that Santa is good to you!


Posted by Maggie LaCoste

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