Understanding the Difference Between Eurovelo, Veloroute and Voie Verte

By Maggie LaCoste This is one of my favorite times of the year:  planning my bicycling trips for the upcoming spring/summer!  As I compile my preliminary list of routes I’d like to explore, I’m always amazed at the growth in improved, signposted routes, both in Europe in general and France in particular.  Sometimes reading about


My Favorite Bicycling Gifts to Give or Receive

By Maggie LaCoste I pack very frugally when I go biking in France, but there are a few items I would never leave home without.  Since it is the gift giving and gift receiving season, I  thought I’d share these favorite things with you, in case you would like to add them to your list.


Cycling in France: A Checklist for Renting a Bike

By Maggie LaCoste Nothing can ruin even the most perfect cycling vacation than bike trouble, whether it’s your bike or a rental. I’ve found this out the hard way, perhaps you have too. As a result, I’ve learned that asking the right questions upfront when you rent a bike, checking out your bike and tires

Cycling in France: Quality Bike Rental Becoming Easier

Finding a reputable place to rent a quality bike is one of my first steps in planning a trip to France.  Fifteen years ago we always took our own bikes to Europe.  It was inexpensive and necessary, as there were very few places back then to rent bikes.  Since September 11, transporting bicycles overseas has

Cycling The Burgundy Canal for 100€ A Day

If you’re looking for the perfect deviation for an upcoming trip to Paris, look no further than Burgundy, specifically the Burgundy Canal.  One of my favorite starting points along the canal is Montbard, just over 1 hour, but light years from busy Paris.  Just a few steps from the train station you can rent a