Planning A Cycling Trip To France For 2021

You may have picked the perfect route, found charming, affordable places to stay and bought a fun cycle jersey to wear, but unfortunately 2020 will not be the year for a great cycling trip in France.

With Europe struggling to recover from the impact of the coronavirus and most  Americans currently banned from entering France, uncertainty about almost everything makes even thinking about a vacation stressful. For most of us, the current travel unknowns in France make delaying vacations until next year the best thing to do. For those who are more risk-averse, ready to travel when/if the travel ban for Americans is lifted, being flexible and prepared for the unknown will be important to a safe cycling adventure.

Instead of finishing plans for an autumn cycling trip, I’m going to start working on a new list of cycling itineraries in France to tempt you as you think about a 2021 cycling adventure. One of the great outcomes of the pandemic has been the explosion of cycle path development in Europe, with France as a key leader.  Work on many of these new itineraries is currently underway and I’ll look forward to sharing information on them with you in the months ahead.

I’ll also be editing my current e-books including the free Loire resource guide and updating my website.  So don’t worry if you can’t access the website for a couple of days in the next couple of weeks!  I’ll be working hard to make it easier to access information to plan the perfect bicycling trip to France. I also plan to complete at least one of the books in my Favorites of the Loire series.

Thanks for reading Experience France By Bike!  I’m looking forward to reporting on the many new cycling itineraries in France!

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