Strasbourg Developing Velostras Urban Bicycle Network

Following in the footsteps of other bike-friendly cities like Copenhagen and London, the City of Strasbourg has announced the development of a bike network that will link the suburbs to the central city. When completed, Velostras will provide a secure network enabling bicyclists to reach the city center from any part of Strasbourg in 30-40 minutes. The goal of the project is to encourage residents to bicycle to work as well as for short errands close to home.  Of course there will also be pass along benefits to tourists to Strasbourg as the new network will provide an ideal way to explore the many tourist attractions of this gorgeous city!

Literally everyone bicycles in Strasbourg!

This project is just another example of the forward-thinking European attitudes regarding cycling as an important element of urban transportation.  This type of project, together with development projects like Eurovelo just keep making bicycling options for cyclotourists better and better.

The announcement of this initiative is pretty amazing based on the fact that Strasbourg is already regarded as one of the most cycle-friendly cities in France and Europe, with over 130,000 cyclists and well over 500 km of cycling paths. Velostras will build upon the cycling network that already exists in Strasbourg, adding another 130 km of paths, linking segments of different routes. The end result will be a series of bicycle highways into and around the city.  The plan provides for three rings around the city and 9 spoke-like routes from the various suburban areas.Screen shot 2013-03-29 at 12.33.56 PM

Work will begin on the project this year with completion planned for 2020.

Stay tuned for my next post on some of the major cycling paths in and around Strasbourg as well as some of my favorite planning resources.

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Posted by Maggie LaCoste

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