Sun-e-Bike Expands Provence Cycling Network

One of my favorite bicycling companies is expanding into two new areas of Provence and this is great news for those wishing to explore this beautiful region by bike!  In addition to its location in Bonnieux and St Remy de Provence, Sun-e-Bike has now also set up locations in the famous wine village of Chateauneuf du Pape and one of

most famous Roman towns in France, Vaison la Romaine.  I’ve bicycled in both areas and the roads can be quite hilly, especially around Vaison la Romaine, so the thought of being able to explore both areas by electric bike is very exciting.  The hilly terrain in each of the Sun-e-Bikes service areas makes them ideal to explore by e-bike.  Were it not for an e-bike, I never would have explored so many of the gorgeous Luberon hill towns.

The Dentelles de Montmirail are located south of Vaison-la-Romain. I find them intimidating!

There aren’t enough superlatives to describe the adventure of traveling the hilly terrain of Provence on a Sun-e-Bike. No matter how hard I try to put the experience I words, nothing seems to capture the experience adequately.  Discovering the backroads of Provence by e-bike is a once in a lifetime experience, allowing you to see this spectacular region in a way few tourists experience.

There’s no question you still get plenty of exercise cycling, but when you need that extra oomph to get up a steep hill or to power through a strong headwind, the power magically kicks in. Depending on the level of power you select, it can really kick in!

Sun-e-Bike has made it possible for recreational cyclists to explore the hilly terrain of Provence.

There’s definitely a learning curve to riding these e-bikes, but anyone can master it in 5 minutes or less!  A quick lesson in the details: how to shift, using low gears when going uphill, how to use the three different levels of e-power and you are good to go.  In 5-10 minutes you’ll feel like a pro on your Sun-e-Bike!

Sun-e-Bike in Bonnieux

In addition to expanding into two new areas of Provence, Sun-e-Bike has also expanded their overall services.  In addition to bike and e-bike sales and rentals, the company has an extensive list of weekend and longer tour packages.  All packages include daily itineraries, accommodations and a comprehensive list of things to do. Lodging packages can include simple B&B’s to half and full board packages, allowing you to choose the price point that fits your budget. Packages include exactly the level of services that you want, so you’re always assured of getting exactly what you want to pay for.  Among optional services you can choose from are rail station transfers, daily luggage transfer, various types of accommodations and local tour guides.

The company will also arrange group tours and corporate retreats. If you’re confused and are not sure exactly what services you might want, just give them a call or send an e-mail and they will guide you to the right solution!  If they can’t find a package that quite meets your needs, they’ll plan a custom tour for you.

Here are the addresses and phone numbers for each of the Sun-e-Bike locations:

St Remy de Provence:  2 rue Camille Pelletan, 33(0)4 32 62 08 39

Vaison-la-Romaine: 160 Avenue Rene Cassin, Marc du Pont Neuf, 33(0)9 54 94 99 14

Chateauneuf du Pape:  Chemin des Consuls,  33(0)7 68 84 33 97

Bonnieux:  1 Avenue Clovis Hughes, 33(0)4 90 74 09 96

Adding a weekend cycling adventure is a perfect addition to a stay in Avignon

If you’re planning to be in any of these towns for an upcoming vacation, I highly recommend that you consider spending a day or better yet, a weekend exploring on a Sun-e-Bike.  Whether you choose to spend a day or two or a week, seeing Provence by e-bike is an experience you will never forget!

You’ll definitely want an e-bike to visit the town of Entrechaux near Vaison-la-Romaine!

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