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Would I Recommend Bicycling The Canal Du Midi? Part I

Yes. No. Maybe. Only under the following circumstances…. How could such a simple question be so complicated? I’ve tried answering this question for the last 3 weeks since returning from France and I still can’t give you a simple yes or no. To help you understand why I’m conflicted, let’s take a look at some


Bicycling in France: It’s All About the Experience

By Maggie LaCoste When you’re planning a bicycling trip to France or anywhere else, how do you decide how many miles/kilometers to do each day? I’ve gotten a lot of e-mails regarding this question lately, so I know many of you must be busy planning trips.  The answer isn’t simple and may vary from trip


Planning Your Bike Trip to France

By Maggie LaCoste Sometimes when you are planning a trip, it’s the little things that get overlooked. On my way back home from my recent biking trip to the Loire, I made a list of things that I wished that someone had told me before I took one of my earlier bike trips. I’d like


Au Revoir to the Loire a Velo and Chateaux a Velo!

By Maggie LaCoste Ten days and 500 km went by much too fast!   These two bicycling itineraries are definitely among my favorites in France.  The bike paths are peaceful, safe and well-signposted, there are many attractions to see along the way, and in between the attractions, the scenery is gorgeous.  I think I enjoyed


Adding a Weekend Bike Excursion to Your Trip to France

By Maggie LaCoste I receive a lot of mail from readers interested in cycling in France, but a little nervous about venturing into the countryside on a bike. If this is you, a weekend bike excursion is a great way to experience the unique adventure of traveling in France by bike. No matter what level