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Garmin Edge Touring GPS Now Available!

Just in time for your Christmas list, the Garmin Edge Touring is now available in stores and online!  This new model from Garmin was designed to provide touring cyclists with the same peace of mind we get from the GPS in our cars, only with maps and features designed to help you find your way


Navigating Train Stations In France With A Bicycle+Panniers

Nothing can ruin a day for a bicyclist more than having to maneuver stairs at a rail station! Sometimes, no matter how well you plan a trip, you need to take a train to connect to another cycling itinerary, to avoid a bad part of a route or oftentimes to return a rental bike. Regardless

Exploring Provence By Sun-e-Bike

I’ll never forget the first time I mentioned the idea of renting an electric bike for a couple of days in Provence to my husband.  Interesting he responded, certainly something that might be good for me to write about, but definitely not something he envisioned doing himself.  After all, he was a guy who did


New Garmin GPS Perfect for Touring Cyclists

Anyone out there with memories of standing at a fork in the road, in the middle of nowhere, in a foreign country, tired and hungry and trying to figure out how you ended up so lost?   Or what about trying to look at a map while simultaneously balancing your bike so the weight of


Would I Recommend Bicycling The Canal Du Midi? Part I

Yes. No. Maybe. Only under the following circumstances…. How could such a simple question be so complicated? I’ve tried answering this question for the last 3 weeks since returning from France and I still can’t give you a simple yes or no. To help you understand why I’m conflicted, let’s take a look at some