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Cycling EuroVelo 6 Across France: 10 Things I Loved Most

Three weeks cycling EuroVelo 6 across France flew by way too fast! Despite doubts I had before the trip regarding whether I was fit enough for a 3 week cycling adventure, this was one fantastic trip.  I’d never spent 3 weeks cycling before, so I began the trip not knowing if I’d be strong enough to


Bicycling in France: Travel Advice to Never Believe!

By Maggie LaCoste Wow! Who would have ever thought that October in Brittany and Burgundy would have been warmer and sunnier than the Loire in July?! My last minute biking adventure over the last couple of weeks enabled me to explore some new bike paths and experience some interesting new adventures. While the weather was


Understanding Voie Verte, Veloroute and EuroVelo

I’ve gotten a lot of e-mails lately asking about the difference between these different bike routes, so I thought it would be a great time to talk about each of them and what they offer to recreational cyclists in France. EuroVelo is a European bicycling network that links all countries in Europe.  The network is