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Cycling in France: Itineraries to Consider

I’ve had a challenging time narrowing down my favorite itineraries in France this year.  So many regions of France are improving existing bicycle paths and building new ones and great choices are springing up across the country.  This makes it really tough to narrow down possible choices to a manageable few.  At this rate, I

Cycling In Provence: Mont Ventoux Region Not To Be Missed!

I always imagined the Mont Ventoux region as the domain of expert cyclists, not an area that would be welcoming to a normal, average recreational cyclist like me. After my recent trip to this area, I’m happy to report that this is definitely another region in France to add to your bucket list of cycling


Cycling to Chateauneuf du Pape, Surrounded By Mountains and Vineyards

It is with a very sad heart that we say goodbye to Philippe and Sylvie at Villa Noria.  Their hospitality has made our time here so perfect. Philippe’s cooking has made our meals something to definitely look forward to. Philippe advised us at breakfast that there is a strong weather front coming through today with

Cycling Mont Ventoux For The Rest Of Us

Mention the words “Mont Ventoux” and most people instantly think of the Tour de France and some of the most grueling physical dramas in cycling history. Mont Ventoux has been part of 15 Tour stages since 1951, and 9 stages have concluded at the summit. The “Beast of Provence” has made the region a magnet

More Resources For Planning A Cycling Trip to France

Based on the e-mails received in the last week, it looks like the first list of travel resources was a hit, so here’s a few more for those traveling to other areas of France. Several of the new resources are for regions I’ve not written much about before. I hope they’ll encourage thoughts about travel