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Cycling Across France: 10 Favorite Places

Amazing doesn’t come close to describing the great summer adventure I had this year bicycling across France.  From Provence to the Camargue, along the coast to Languedoc and Toulouse, through Bordeaux, then up to La Rochelle, the Ile de Re, Marennes, the Medoc vineyards, and back to Bordeaux. This was one fantastic cycling adventure filled


Cycling La Velodyssee: Likes, Dislikes and What I Would Do Differently

By Maggie LaCoste Looking back at my recent bicycling trip along the Atlantic Coast of France, the first word that comes to mind is adventure.  This is funny because that really wasn’t what I had in mind as I embarked on this trip!  This was my first trip to explore “La Velodyssee”, the French portion


Cycling France’s La Velodyssee: The Magical Ile de Re

The bike ride over the bridge was a bit terrifying, but everything else about the Ile de Re was totally magical: as quaint, charming and non-commercial as I remember it 20 years ago. The Ile de Re is one of the most popular places that the French come to just relax and spend time with


Cycling France’s La Velodyssee: Crossing the Ile de Re Bridge

By Maggie LaCoste Funny how when I planned a side trip to the Ile de Re, I never really thought about crossing the bridge. I’m not very fond of cycling across bridges, especially long ones. So as we approached the bridge to the Ile de Re, on of my favorite places in France, my palms

Top Reasons to Cycle the Atlantic Coast of France

The Cote d’ Argent or Atlantic Coast of France is the ultimate playground for the recreational cyclist.  Many consider the Atlantic Coast as France’s number one bicycling destination, especially during the summer months.  Whether you are interested in a long-distance journey or a day or weekend trip, whether you are biking alone, with a friend,