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Best Options for Staying in Touch When Biking in France

By Maggie LaCoste If you plan to stay in touch with family and friends when you are biking in France, it’s a good idea to do some advance planning! Even though here in the USA you can always find an internet connection, many small towns and villages in Europe still do not have easy access


Would You Bike Across the Saint Nazaire Bridge?

By Maggie LaCoste I have gotten a lot a comments in the last day about a post I wrote about recent improvements to the bike lanes on the Saint Nazaire bridge.  Whether you have personally tried to cross the bridge on bike or not, everyone seemed to have gotten a good sense of the challenge


Rent A Bike in France Website Up and Running

By Maggie LaCoste Geoffroy Muller reports that the new bike rental website, Rent a Bike in France is now up and running.  After only a few short weeks, the new website, which will match inquiries for bike rentals in France with professional bike shops in France has over 200 partners registered with the program.  By